The Warm and Calm Lake Malawi


Many sources state that Lake Malawi is a heaven for water sports. It is a pleasure place to enjoy swimming, diving and snorkeling. The warmth of this lake is an enjoyable place for sunbathing. It is located rather in remote are so you will not find so crowded tourists visit the place. A calming place and very suitable for them who want to be alone and enjoy the loneliness. The relaxing activities such as sailing, fishing, kayaking, riding horses and water-ski are only few numbers that you can do.


Besides those activities, you can also really refresh your sight by seeing the wonderful sunsets in Lake Malawi. Those enjoyable things are completed with friendly local citizen. So, where is it actually? Lake Malawi is situated in Malawi, Africa. Seeing from the volume, it is the fifth largest lake in the world. Lake Malawi was discovered by Dr David Livingstone, an explorer, about over 150 years ago. The dimensions are about 365 miles north to south, and 52 miles broad. The depth is about 2300 feet and the width over than 16 miles.

The lake contains of fish harvest so that it plays an important role in the economy. The fishing villages and also the traditional industry becomes an interesting attraction offered for this tourism object. The main route to Lake Malawi is rather difficult so that usually the visitors should take the longer roads to reach it. If you are interested to visit Lake Malawi, please have a good preparation. This warm weather is the source of Malaria. You can minimize the mosquitoes by turn off the bright lamp. Have a nice trip.


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