7 Most Beautiful Scenery Places in the World


Navagio Beach, Located on the isolated island of Zakynthos, Greece, the beach is very famous by its beautiful scenery. Even though Navagio beach is located on the one of isolated islands, the beach always visited by many people from over the world. In there, the visitors will see clear blue sea water and high cliffs. The perfect spot to see beautiful views is from the top of the cliff. From there, you can see the beauty of the sea as far as you can.

The Chartreuse Mountains, Also known as Massif de la Chartreuse in France, this mountain range filled by limestone, thick forest and caves. The Chartreuse Mountain is located in eastern France and the top of the summit reaches 2.082 meters.

Chittogarh Fort, As the most famous tourist attraction in India, the state of Rajasthan always has something that wonderful, it is including Chittogarh Fort. It has been considered as the largest fort in India which covers area about 700 acres. The most special thing of this place, the Fort is located on a hill which has height about 180 meters. From there, you can see amazing scenery especially the view of Chittogarh town.

The Cinque Terre, do you want to know the most beautiful villages where located is, may be  the answer is on the west coast of Italy, namely The Cinque Terre. It consists of five villages, they are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manorala and Riomaggiore. These villages are located on a hill near the sea. The visitors will see beautiful landscapes especially the sea from this place. Not only the sea that makes visitors interested to visit these villages but also the unique houses which painted in colorful.

Huacachina, the other most beautiful scenery place is located in Peru, exactly in Ica Region. In this region, you will find something wonderful, that is Huacachina or Oasis of Americas or also known by the local as La Huacachina. It is a beautiful oasis on the middle of desert and shaped looks like a lake. This oasis has becomes one of the famous destination in Ica even in Peru, so it filled by many resorts that ready to serves the visitors. The palm tress around the oasis makes this place looks more beautiful. The eyes of visitor will be pampered with the beautiful scenery of desert. The desert sport like sandboarding also worth to try in this place.

Millau Viaduct Bridge, nowadays, there is spectacular construction in this era that becomes hot issue in everywhere, that is the bridge of Millau Viaduct in France. How this construction becomes so spectacular? the answer is the high of the bridge. The height of Millau Viaduct reaches 1.125 feet, it beats Eiffel Tower, the icon of France. Standing on above the river of Tarn, it was opened in December 2004 and has been the highest bridge in the world. So, you can imagine how the views that you can see when you visit this bridge.

The Himalayas Mountain Range, as everybody knows, the Himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world, it includes the famous Mount Everest. This mountain range covers several countries in Asia, such as India, China, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan. Himalayas has more than 30 peaks and one of them can be reach the height about  7.315 meters.


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