Stepping, Exlporing & Seeing the Great Amazon RainForest


The Amazon Rainforest well known as Amazonia or “Lungs of our Planet”. Do you know why? because, this rainforest contributes more or less 20% of oxygen of the earth. It  is the world’s largest tropical rainforest on earth. This forests size cover more than half of Brazil. Most animals in the world may live well in this forest. The plants that grow in are developed and used to prepare powerful drugs to against cancer, leukemia and other diseases. In this forest, you will feel the most attractive forest exploration on earth, for its natural ecosystem that are really protected. For visitors may take a tour on boat trips to explore numerous tributaries of the river. This treatable wildlife makes your exploration magnificent.

Travelers will see and hear “the sound of wildlife”, for it is the home for most species. You will easily find animals liked monkeys, insects, frogs, lizards, or Jaguar. That’s why many scientist love to travel here liked their paradise for their job. If you were a photographer, taking a photograph here will give you a lot of experience.

Amazon cannot be explored in a week, so that you may choose some attraction or activities ,they are Amazon Rainforest, Amazon River, Anavilhanas Archipelago, Rio Negro, Ponta Negra Beach, Botanical Garden, Municipal Park Science Grove and Canopy Tours.

For visitors, traveling in this forest will need a great plan. If you want to explore the region you may need to hire some staffs, liked a guide, cook and security as you need to run long days exploration. You can hire them inside or outside Brazil. So, prepare everything when you step in this magnificent forest ever.


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