Tourist Attractions in the Beautiful City of Mar del Plata


Do you want to know what best destination to visit in Argentina, the answer is Mar del Plata. Located on the Atlantic Ocean Coastline, the coastal city of Mar del Plata offers a lots of attractions to the visitors such as beautiful beaches, museums, monuments and various interesting activities. As one of the most popular tourist destination in Argentina, it has been attracts 6 million visitors annually. This coastal city is very well prepared as a tourist destinations, it proves by many of accommodations such as hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos available here.

The beaches in Mar del Plata of course becomes main attractions in the city. One of the famous beaches in the city is Playa Grande beach. Stretching from General Roca Street to Escollera Norte, this beach is famous by its accommodations like pubs, restaurants, resorts that surrounds the beach. The other beaches that should not be missed are La Perla, Varese, Playa Chica and Punta Mogotes.

For the historic buildings, you can visit to Torreón del Monje (one of the most important building in the city), Torre Tanque and Palacio Municipal. In the city of Mar del Plate, you can also find The Museo del Mar, a museum which is being home to many species of seashell from all over the world.

Tips : You can reach the coastal city of Mar del Plata by train, bus or by plane from the capital city of Buenos Aires with a distance about 400 kilometers. This city is very popular as a summer destination. So, in the these months, the city is very crowded but you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the city.


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