See the Beauty of Glacier National Park - Canada


Canada has some of national parks, one of the is Glacier National Park. The park is located in the province of British Columbia, westernmost of Canada. Now, Glacier National Park has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Canada. The park has an area of 4000 square kilometers and protect a portion of the Colombian Mountain. The park is also become a part of a system of 43 parks ad park reserves across Canada. The area of Glacier National Park is mostly covered by glaciers with 10 peaks. Besides the glaciers, there are some interesting places in the area of park, such as mountains, lakes and forests. So, you can enjoy the beauty of glacier while enjoying the beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes.

National historical center Rogers Pass is also a part of the park. Rogers Pass was so designated for its importance in the construction of the country’s first major national transportation route. Camping is one of the most tourists favorites activity in the park. There are currently two campground in the Glacier National Park. For the tourists who likes camping, you can stay some days in the campsites to enjoy the beauty of Glacier National Park


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