Parlee Beach Best Place to Visit in the Summer Canada


When the summer comes, determine the right place to have fun is one that must be done by people who want to vacation. Visiting Parlee beach is one of great choices if you visit to Canada. It is one of the popular holiday resorts in the hot and sunny days. The beach is located  on the coast of New Brunswick, on the Northumberland Strait, Shediac, near Moncton. Parlee beach is very famous as one of the best recreational areas for family, approximately attracted 25.000 tourists on particularly hot days. The beach is also famous by its soft white sand and having hottest salty water north of Virginia.

If you visit to the Parlee beach, come together with family is the best thing to do. There are about 190 campsites in the beach. The other facilities are restaurants, bars, aqua attractions, amusement centers, showers, canteens, picnic areas, and other facilities. Many activities that you can do in the beach area, such as swimming, playing football, playing volley ball, sun bathing, camping and many more. In addition, you can also find shopping centers in around the beach and you can buy the merchandises in there.


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