Great Bear Lake, The Largest Lake in Canada


Planning a vacation in Canada is desired by all people. Surrounded by three large oceans : Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic, Canada is a country with spectacular natural beauty. If you visit to Canada, you will found a lots of lakes. Great Bear Lake is the largest lake in Canada and the seventh largest in the world. The lake is located on the edge of the Canadian Shield in Northwest Territories province. The lake flows into the Great Bear River into the Michigan River and become part of Canada’s longest navigable river system.

The Great Bear Lake has an area about 31.153 square kilometers with maximum depth about 413 meters, making it one of the deepest lakes in the world. The lake is also covered by ice for eight months of the year. The uniqueness of the lake is its shape, like a giant amoeba with five big arms. Besides unique by its shape, this lake is also has an ice road which used for delivering supplies to the remote community of Deline. See the beauty of Great Bear Lake in Canada become an interesting thing for the tourists who want to gets a something different about the beauty of nature.


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