Canadian Museum of Civilization


If you want to know about the human history, Canadian Museum of Civilization is the best destination for that. It  is the most popular museum in Canada with attracting 1.3 million visitors each year. It is making the museum became the most visited museum in Canada. The museum is located on the shores Ottawa River, Gatineau city. Quebec, Canada. The tourists who travel to Canada will be feel incomplete if they are do not visit to the museum. The museum presents the history and variety of inhabitants  of Canada which explore 20.000 years of human history. The museum was designed  by Douglas Cardinal, a famous North American Native architect. The building cover approximately 100.000 square meters and consists of two distinct pavilion.

In the Canadian Museum of Civilization, you can found some major galleries, they are the grand hall, first people hall, temporary exhibition, children and postal museum and the last is Canada hall. In the grand hall, you can find architectonic collections, in Canada hall you can find the Canadian history since one thousand years ago. Visiting the Canadian Museum of Civilization is enrich of knowledge and experience. It is the best place for the tourists who want to vacation while studying.


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