Fernando de Noronha, Beautiful Islands in Brazil


Consists of 21 volcanic islands, making the Fernando de Noronha becomes one of the most beautiful archipelago in Brazil even in South America. This archipelago is home to several beautiful beaches and endangered marine life, not surprisingly if the archipelago has been declared as National Marine Park to protect its marine life. The largest and inhabited of the archipelago is only one island named same with the archipelago ” Fernando de Noronha island “.

Main attraction of Fernando de Noronha of course by its beaches, one of the mots beautiful beaches in this place is Praia do Leo. Also known as lion beach, Praia de Leo has characteristics white sand beach, clean water and has a rock that looks like a sea lion. The other beautiful beaches in Fernando de Noronha are Baia do Sancho, Praia dos Procos and Baia dos Galfinhos where you can see dolphins directly.

Many activities that you can do at Fernando de Noronha, this archipelago will pamper the visitors to enjoy the beauty of beaches. Diving, snorkeling, surfing, sunbathing, swimming are some activities that offered by this place.

Tips : Fernando de Noronha is located in Atlantic Ocean, approximately 540 km from the capital city of Recife. You can reach the islands by plane from this city. Hotels, restaurants and other vacation accommodations are available in the islands. The Fernando de Noronha also famous as the best tropical island, it has warm temperature. The dry season comes from September to March and the rain season April to August.


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