Beautiful Scenery at Ipanema Beach, Brazil Tourism


Nowadays, Brazil has become one of the tourists best destinations in South America. One of the interesting places in Brazil that must be visited is Ipanema Beach. The beach is very popular in the country, it is supported by the famous song entitled ” The Girl From Ipanema”. The Ipanema beach is located in the southern of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The beach offers white sand and beautiful background, you can see two mountains called Dois Irmaos or known as two brother which rise at the western end of the beach. The beach is famous by its innovations of stylish beach wear, such as tiny bikini or tanga, dental floss bikini and G-string bathing suit for men. It is making The travel Channel add Ipanema beach as the sexiest beach in the world. Many interesting activities that you can do at the beach, such as soccer, beach volleyball, surfing, swimming jogging, cycling, and other activities.

Every Sundays, the road that leads to Ipanema beach was closed and only opened for pedestrian and cyclist. The facilities in Ipenama Beach are very complete. You can found a lots of bars, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, lounges, bookstores, art galleries and many more. In addition, there is a carnival that occur every year in February. In the carnival, you can enjoy the colorful culture and local liveliness.


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