Iguazu National Park, Vacation in Brazil


Iguazu National Park is one of interesting  places in Brazil for visited. It is an ideal place for the people who want to see the beauty of nature. Iguazu National Park is located in Parana State, Brazil, it is in the jungle on the border between Argentina and Brazil. The border between the two countries and their national parks is made by the Iguazu River. The park was built in January 10, 1939 and it has total area about 185.262,5 hectares.

The famous attraction in Iguazu National Park is the Iguazu Falls with water falling into a deep gorge called Devil’s throat. The impressive Iguazu Falls region is located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. It is constitutes the largest remnant area of Parana interior forest. The water falls total width combined is around 2.700 meters and 80 meters high. It is made from many cascades producing vast sprays of waters. Nonetheless over 2.000 types vascular plants have been identified in here.

The park is also has many types of animals, such as tapir, coati, tammandua, raccon and many more. Almost half of Argentina’s birds species is also found here. In addition, Iguazu National Park had became a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. That’s what makes became  favorite  vacation in South America.


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