Table Mountain, Most Famous Landmark in South Africa


The most famous landmark in South Africa located in the capital city of Cape Town, namely the Table Mountain. It is a part of Table Mountain National Park. Located at the height 1085 meters above sea level, it makes the Table Mountain can be seen from long distances. For those of you who has hobby of adventure especially in hiking, climb to the summit of Table mountain will be a  great experienced. The summit has an area about 3 kilometers wide, you can see an amazing views from here.

Approximately, there are 350 paths to the summit and usually takes 4 hours or more. Besides by hiking, you can reach the top of Table Mountain by using cable car  which can accommodate up to 65 people. At the top, you can find a restaurant which can accommodate 120 people. The Table Mountain also becomes home to many species of floras and faunas. In addition, Caving and Rocks Climbing also could be interesting activities that you can do at the mountain.


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