Robben Island, the Ex Prison Island


Robben Island is a historical island located in Cape, South Africa. Thousands years ago, people live in the island. However since the Dutch settled at the Cape in the mid of 17th Century, Robben Island had been used as a prison. Robben Island is a really unwanted place to live in hundred years. It was a place for isolation, imprisonment, political troublemakers and the unwanted person of society. This place is well known from the place of which the Nelson Mandela, the South American President, who was in the era as a political fighters. Today, Robben Island is listed in one of the World Heritage Site in 1999 and opened for public. It is also being a National Museum, a National Monument of South Africa, Heritage Site and Associated Institution.

A trip to the island will be an unforgettable experience and enrich people’s experience. There is a museum which was established in Robben Island in 1997 that represent the history. It allows people to back several years and feel the times of the apartheid era. You can reach the island by using ferry that is available in daily tours. It is only about 7 kilometers from the Cape Town. It is easy to get there because there have been many agents offer tour services. Although it has beautiful tour scenery, however then is developed on the history of Robben Island. There are both of daily tours and also special tours that always help you if you want to hold certain events in the island.


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