Facts, Pictures and Attractions of Draa Valley in Morocco


Have you ever thought to stay in an oasis in a dry valley? This place would be one of the best choice for you, The Draa Valley. Located in the deep south of Morocco, it is a place where an oasis that stretches majestically over 200 km from Ouarzazate into the Sahara Desert. The Draa Valley itself was an important transit point on the Saharan caravan trading routes, as well as an important trading center for Jewish, Arab, Berber and Christian civilizations. The beautiful views, great river, and also large desert that makes this oasis so magnificent and perfect to visit.

Besides, this place surrounded by wonderful natures, a different thing that makes this place so attractive is the way of life of the inhabitant that still as same as their ancestors. Riding donkeys, washing their clothes in the river and building their houses with clays are some activities that still continued from time to time. The ancient cave paintings and carvings also found in the area that tells the history of the Draa valley.

In this valley you will get many amazing activities that you have never dreamed. It seems liked living in a fantasy. Some attractive activity that you can do are sleeping in the calm of the desert at night under a blinking stars in the sky, riding the camels trekking through the rolling sand  dunes of  Tidiri, Regabi and Erg Lihoudi. And there you may taste the fantastic Moroccan salads that complete your fantastic journey crossing the desert.


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