Interest of places in Tetouan City in Northern Marocco


Beside the lovely city of Chaouen, Morocco has another beautiful city which is location near Rif Mountain, namely Tetouan. It was founded in the 3rd century BC. Tetouan is located in a beautiful natural location, with mountains arising from the Mediterranean on its south and west. The architectures of Moroccan, Islamic, Phoenician, European and Spanish that harmoniously merged together makes this place looked amazing.

It reflects on  The Big Mosque, Spanish Cathedral, Babu Saidi, The Kasbah, The Medina and Hassan II Square. The main attraction of  Tetouan is its Medina. Recently, it has been listed in UNESCO heritage site which famous for its strong aristocratic Andalusian imprint. Here are some interest of places in Medina, Tetouan that must be visited.

The Bab el-okla, one of eight original city gate that still standing in Medina. The Place Hasan II, the city square that was known as the bridge for ancient Tetouan and modern Tetouan. Archaeological Museum and ethnographic museum, that collected roman mosaic, prehistoric artifacts, Moroccan customs, culture and traditions, and many others.

El Fouki Bread Market, a traditional local market where you can find traditional flat round loaves and El Hot market, where you can find ceramics and jewelry. The Souk el Hout and Guersa el Kbira are the other sightseeing places that should be not missed.


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